All those crowds only one person needs Dachshund Leopard Shirt to have been infected in that lot for a lot of spread to have taken place. I’m still asking myself that why don’t western people now wear face masks. You gonna get higher at risk of covid. Nice way to avoid close proximity talk about an incubator. I’m an american riding this thing out in ireland the is untrustworthy. Can we block any Americans coming into the UK and send all the service personnel back and close their bases. I’m sure if you all still haven’t taken it seriously, and make some sacrifice to win the war. Then, you don’t need to complain any result when it’s too late.

Dachshund Leopard Shirt, sweater, hoodie and v-neck t-shirt

Dachshund Leopard Hoodie


Dachshund Leopard ladies tee

Ladies tee

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There are example already, while you still looking around and tweeting this Dachshund Leopard Shirt or that one, arguing or taking use of crisis for anyone. I’m safe and I pray for you anyway. Prevention is far far better than cure it’s better to wait for hours and get clearance than to start blaming Trump later. Anyone complaining about this needs to remember children, in cages. Our will get a pat on back hand shake no checks. At least people are keeping af safe distance.

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