My Mum will be 80 on the same day as the Crazy sloth lady 2020 toilet paper quarantined shirt. I cannot see her on her special Birthday this year she isn’t on Facebook so I asked all the lovely folk of the village via there village site to surprise her with balloons, banners and claps etc she is in for a few lovely surprises with social distancing hope the Queen will too. Yeah apparently shes going to be walking around one of her gardens for ‘our’ NHS instead – considering the other whipper snapper has now stopped, apparently a 5minute supportive video wasn’t all the support we are going to receive from the monarchy.

Crazy sloth lady 2020 toilet paper quarantined shirt, sweater, hoodie and v-neck t-shirt


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This is good Crazy sloth lady 2020 toilet paper quarantined shirt. IQ45 would be throwing parades for himself right now if he could get away with it. Instead he holds rallies on tv every day. You made the right call, Your Majesty. Continue to guide your nation with firm conviction and conscience in these trying times even as Parliament does its job. Instead she can , gun salutes to those working front on the hospitals, roads and on safety measures. On her and for her birthday.

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