The U.S. president is invested in several mutual funds some of When confronted by bears play dead shirt include very minor stakes in pharmaceutical companies. It does say that they are minor stakes. But, I trust Trump as much as I would an agitated rattlesnake. This very statement of going sick people an unproven drug is why trump need to step down as being in charge of this crisis. Trump made America first again. First in virus cases and deaths he is in over his head so he trying to be snake oil salesman to cover his mess. If the cure doesn’t kill some people, then, see, it works! If it kills other people, well, they had underlying conditions. That’s what it would boil down to. Burning sage might work, might not, but hey, let’s give it a try.

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Once again he does not invest his own stocks When confronted by bears play dead shirt. And he hardly makes anything on this one. Oh also snopes is run by the lying left. No go to your safe space. Really you do full of hate you have lost all common sense first in cases. I know that drug works that Trump is talking about. I was saying how did you know Dr was a chiropractor. Just facts we was not prepared for this. Trump fired pandemic team. And fired CDC guy in china. And trump on tv for months calling virus a hoax it disappear in April and on and on he down playing it while on golf course are political rallys. Well it April and he was trying send people back to church which is a death bed for passing it.

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    Brilliant service, email receipt of order and updates on where my order was, only took a week to arrive. Tee shirt great quality size spot on, fab design. ??

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    I love my crazy chicken T shirt! It’s a good fit, good quality and arrived when promised. What more can I say? Thank

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    Ordered a large even with allowing 1-2cm it would only fit a size 10/12. Would not replace with a bigger size!! Poor service all round

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    Easy site to use delivered on time and good value for money

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