Great series, qt, but it so heavily monotonous in the format of delivering questions Cats 20 ways to drink beer shirt. It’s become a historical pattern that nobody can break. Oh, I don’t think I’m a robot. One of the most important things about managing the coronavirus crisis is the clarity of communication by the government. But one other most important thing is the bloody BBC asking questions relevant to the current situation rather than asking the Government to guestimate when things may change. Please don’t confuse the any more than is necessary. Build us all up, not confuse and anger us.

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The government messed up from the start I am fuming how its been Cats 20 ways to drink beer shirt delt with a complete mess and Many lifes have been lost but we just need to be sensible and have common sense. If an adult cannot take on board the advice and warnings then they there is little hope for them. So we as a country are more afraid of the virus than our western counterparts. Nothing to do with the highest death toll in Europe from not shutting down soon enough and now opening up at the same time as Europe even thought we were consistently told we are two weeks behind Europe in the pandemic.

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