Patients in the trial were also given the antibiotic My blood type is tie dye shirt, which carries the same heart risk. Hospitals in the United States are using azithromycin to treat coronavirus patients, often in combination with hydroxychloroquine. The CDC removed its recommendations on dosages under pressure from the administration, and told doctors to use their own judgements. This abdication of responsibility is the most consistent feature of this administration. No I’ve seen it work and know others who’s family members it’s worked on. If you get it don’t take the meds ok. Just die from it. So sorry to hear this George. I hope you have a quick and complete recovery. Looking forward to having you back on your Sunday show.

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I disagree that attempting to politicize this is somehow constructive My blood type is tie dye shirt. The President and the Vice President have specifically asked us to come together in a common effort. Your disrespect for their appeals tells me all I need to know about you. I see you are the only person here you has common sense. The rest of these people prefer to dye than use a chance to survive. You really surprise me. When Trump says something from the podium he is saying with the permission of his medical advisors. Besides we all know people with heart problems can’t take the drug. I am talking about those who can. Stop thinking the standard way. Think deeper.

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