Yes yes yes, thankyou BBC for finally speaking up on this The basset hound king shirt. You say large scale soya production can lead to deforestation but the majority of soya grown is used as animal feed to feed livestock in the production of meat and dairy. So just eat the soya beans direct rather than filtering it through an animal which needs to eat multiple times the amount of soya to produce the same amount of meat. What a beautiful world it would be if humans stopped oppressing everyone else. There have been multiple studies concluding that the dangers of soy are a myth though. Someone who worked for a medical company isn’t as good evidence as the 100s of studies showing that Soya doesn’t negatively effect hormones.

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Soy is not as healthy for The basset hound king shirt as people think especially girls. It can affect their hormones and their future fertility. I say this because I took care of a child who drank soy because she was lactose intolerant. The mother worked for a medical company and knew the effects of things like soy. She wasn’t happy giving it to her daughter but there is not much out there that has the same food value as cows milk. We also don’t have enough land on earth for us to switch all cows over to grass from factory farming. Simplest thing to do is just stop looking for loopholes that don’t exist and just accept that animal agriculture is destroying the planet.

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