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I still misbehaved, but I was more careful about hiding it. If a child is repetitively misbehaving, something is wrong and hitting them will only make them not want to confide in you. Plus, you know. If you hit an adult, you could be sued. But hitting a defenseless child who screwed up is okay, right? I personally have had someone provoke me; and, I punched him right in the Apparently I have an attitude who knew shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this nose. It was a gratifying crunch and he dropped, crying about how sorry he was; but, only for a few minutes. As soon as I walked away he called 911 and the coops showed up to arrest me for battery. So, I went to jail. As that was not my first arrest for such asinine behavior the magistrate decided I could spend the remainder of the weekend in jail until I saw the judge on Monday.The judge agreed with the magistrate and denied me bail, setting the trial for a month away. A couple of weeks later I was finally assigned a public defender who told me about a deal being offered by the prosecutor. I pled no contest to simple assault, they dropped the felony, and, after 20 days in jail I got a quick hearing where the judge released me to my new buddy for the following three years – a probation officer. I ended up paying nearly $18,000 in damages (medical bills), fines and court costs and was chained to a PO for those three years where I had to take time off work (costing me more money each time; and a couple of jobs during those years) to go take drug tests or just come in for meetings. Plus, I got to spend a couple more weeks in jail until the court figured out I wasn’t the one who beat that same guy to a pulp outside of a bar one night. So, if you’ve already done this, good luck (honestly, I got off easy, your sentence is likely to be much worse). If you haven’t punches this moron yet; don’t do it. I was devastated. My heart literally sank. I know, since the start I shouldn’t be involved in this. She wanted it and I wanted it, we both know this is not gonna last, but I told her I wanted to be selfish, and just continue on. She wants it too. I know this is toxic, but I can’t control my feelings and love towards her. She told me she can’t be with me. She still has a responsibility to her current bf and his family. She wants us to be friends. Platonic friends. I wanted to leave, disappear completely from her, but she kept holding me back.. crying and saying to not let me go.

Apparently I have an attitude who knew shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

I loved her so much and she is the Apparently I have an attitude who knew shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this one that gave me a special feeling that I’ve never had before. I don’t know what to do. Things are there that never can be replaced, Of course shouldn’t be. And also most importantly should not be compared. Love is mature acceptance of imperfections. And trust, secure, clam, caring are there in true love. When a love happen with all these requirements. and unbeatable by any. So you may be fall in love again may again and again but yet that true feeling is there. Knowingly or unknowingly you just allocate that comfortable room for it inside of your heart. I’ll leave you with the words that judge spoke to me all those years ago- Son, there is absolutely no word in the English language anyone can say to you that gives you the right to put your hands on them! Urine therapy can cure most severe of skin diseases like eczema , psoriasis and even burns. Whatever problem it may be, urine therapy would definitely cure it 100%. You will have to go on a urine fast for a day, which means drinking only urine and water for a day. After drinking it for 3–4 times it will be clear as water and without any smell. You can collect this colourless urine and store it, apply it daily and see the miracles. Apply it 3 times in a day. It can be stored for up-to 6 months. The older, the better. Even now I still struggle but it’s not quite as bad as it was in 2014/2015. But I will admit I still have most days where I feel hopeless. It’s only the rare occasion where I really feel good. Usually I am fairly quiet and seen peaceful but I’m as depressed as I could ever be. Superman’s skin is stronger than an iron wall. If you’ve ever punched an iron wall, then you know how painful the sensation is. You’d probably break your wrist bone and badly injure your knuckles.Now imagine using your full strength to punch something far thicker and tougher than that. Yeah, it’s not nice. I’ll also say this: you should not necessarily take for granted that he is bullying. “He’s a bully” is a narrative that grows up around inexplicable (to others) actions.

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